Energy Efficiency

LED Lighting

Most LED Lamps have a life of over 30,000 hours and a running wattage of as little as 6 – 10 Watts, hence they are becoming more and more popular. By using LED lighting you experience dramatic cost savings from energy consumption and maintenance costs are greatly reduced as you do not need to replace lamps that constantly blow. LED’s are available in a wide range of fittings, wattage and colour. If you are interested in making the change to LED and benefit from the energy savings call DNA Electrical for a free consultation.

Eco Mind Power Saver – Reduce Your Power Bills

Experiencing high power bills? Give DNA Electrical a call to come and do loading checks on your circuits to investigate what the cause is. We can loan out an Eco Mind Power Saver for a week to compare usage to your retail meter. The Eco Mind Power Saver encourages you to save power by constantly monitoring how much you’re using and how much the electricity use is costing you. It displays the cost of electricity being used on a portable, easy to read, LCD monitor inside your home.

Other Power Saving Tips

Leaving your heated towel rail running 24/7 is one of the invisible ways you make your power company richer. But there’s an answer. DNA Electrical can install a concealed timer to switch off the towel rail once your towels are dry – that way you get dry towels when you need them without wasting expensive electricity.

Another way to save energy is on lighting control. By installing ceiling mounted or switch mounted PIRs we can control the lighting in your passage ways and stairwells to come on when you need them and automatically switch them off eliminating the possibility of leaving them on. Using such sensors to control low level lighting in passage ways or LED strip lighting under wall hung vanity’s is also a nice feature for getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom without blinding yourself.

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