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Barrie Griffiths

by DNALogin on June 3, 2015 Comments Off on Barrie Griffiths

DNA Electrical were recommended to me whilst I was working on a project for the New Zealand Transport Agency.
DNA were asked to perform various electrical installations and moves and they never let us down. The site at NZTA was unusual in that it ran life-critical operations for 24 hours per day, so were very restrictive with outages and one specific example was when DNA installed static transfer switches in 14 equipment racks in a data centre, each STS to be powered by redundant UPS’s: the work could not begin before Midnight on a weekend and the installation went smoothly without incident.
Damien and his team are very friendly and willing to discuss all aspects of a job prior to starting which proved invaluable, and I do not recall a single instance of a job needing further attention from me prior to completion. DNA have shown themselves to be a very professional organisation who have been a pleasure to deal with. Time and again they have demonstrated reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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