Electric Vehicle Charging

The most effective and safest way to charge your electric vehicle is via a dedicated EV charging point installed by a Registered Electrician.

Many of the Electric Vehicles in NZ will come with a portable charging box that enables the user to simply plug into the nearest 10A power socket. Whilst this may be ok for those with a small battery in their electrical vehicle, who don’t travel much distance, and don’t mind a full recharge taking 10+ hours, the most effective way to recharge your EV battery is via a dedicated AC power socket installed by an NZ Registered Electrician.

Our installers are fully qualified Registered Electrician’s who will ensure your EV charging point adheres to all the new Electrical Safety regulations associated with Electric Vehicle charging.

There are many different options of dedicated EV charging points available depending on the type of incoming power supply to your home and the requirements of the Electric Vehicle you own. Many EV chargers can also offer Energy Management functionality so you can be using electricity in the most efficient way for your home, and some offer Cloud connectivity.

Work, Communal, or Public Place

Want to install an EV charging station at your business? Perhaps you need a Communal EV charging station installed for a group of townhouses, apartment complex, or multi-tenancy dwelling? Or, want to make your development standout from the others by offering an EV charger available to your customers or the general public?

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Annual Inspection for Public EV Chargers

Any “non-domestic” EV charging station must be periodically inspected every 12 months by a registered electrical inspector. Our Electrical Inspectors can take care of this for you.

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