We Install Standby Generators

Whatever is going on outside or down the road doesn’t matter with a KOHLER® generator – because it keeps you connected to whatever you need to do.

When you lose power during an outage or storm, a hard-working KOHLER® generator will automatically provide backup power, in just 10 seconds, to keep your major appliances like your fridge working, the heat or AC running and your security system on.

We carryout the electrical installations for a range of different sized KOHLER® Generators to the residential and commercial market, with Natural Gas and LPG gas options available.

Our installers are fully qualified Registered Electrician’s who will ensure your generator will comply with all the Electrical Safety regulations associated with generators.

Contact us today to find which Kohler generator model you may need for your home or work.

Keep the lights on, the house warm, the computer on and the coffee brewing.

Want to install a KOHLER® generator at your business? Perhaps you need a KOHLER® generator for your home?

Click here for more information Generator Form. or phone 09 479 9202 to discuss your options with one of our professional knowledgeable team.

"Always appreciate the great service that DNA gives us.  We recommend you at every opportunity."

- Kate

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