Electrical Inspections

We have skilled, knowledgeable, and highly professional electrical inspectors to take care of any Electrical Inspection requirement you may have.

Our goal is to make the electrical inspection process an easy and straight forward experience that allows you to focus your time and energy on what you would rather be doing.

Record of Inspection

  • Reliable service
  • Professional Inspectors
  • Communication is core focus (you need to know when we will be there so you can get on with running your business)
  • Electronic or Paper copies of CoCs are easily handled.
  • Prompt issuance of RoI and invoice so you can ensure all costs on your jobs are accurately recorded.
  • Auckland region

Certificate of Periodic Verification

Need an electrical certification of your property (commercial or residential) to satisfy your Insurance Company or Auckland Council? Our electrical inspectors can test your electrical installation and provide a Certification of Verification to meet these requirements.


  • Work done at your home and you have no record of a Certificate of Compliance from the Electrician who completed the works?
    • We can help
  • Council will not provide final code of compliance without Certification from an Electrician?
    • Give our team a call, or contact us via our website
  • Landlord or Property Manager? You have obligations to ensure the ongoing electrical safety of the dwelling you own or manage.
    • We can offer an electrical check of the electrical installation at your property, issue a report of any works recommended, and a Certificate of Verification for your records showing your ongoing commitment to the electrical safety of the dwelling.


  • Need an inspection of your business premises for your insurance company?
    • We can help.
    • Many insurance companies are insisting upon a periodic verification of the electrical installation in commercial premises as part of their insurance renewal process. Our skilled and professional Auckland based electrical inspectors can look after this for you ensuring minimal disruption for you and your team and prompt and efficient service.


  • The electrical installation in Caravan Parks and Boat Marina’s need to have a verification carried out by an Electrical Inspector and a Certificate of Periodic Verification issued every 5 years.
    • We can look after this for you and set up reminders to prompt you when your next verification is due


  • Any electrical vehicle charger that can be accessed by the public (ie in a non-domestic situation) must be periodically inspected and certified every 12 months
  • We can do this for you and set up reminders to prompt you when your next inspection is due

Warrant of Electrical Fitness

  • Recreational Vehicles (such as caravans, motorhomes, RVs, Boats etc) and Relocatable buildings that can be connected to an electricity supply (be it generator or mains power) must be regularly checked for electrical safety. A Warrant of Electrical Fitness needs to be issued every 4 years.
    • Our electrical inspectors can take care of this for you and issue a reminder nearer to the time when your next Warrant of Electrical Fitness is due

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